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June 03, 2003

Fire at RackShack

Rackshack weathered a transformer explosion and fire at at its Houston data center Monday evening, according to Rackshack "head surfer" Robert Marsh. The company, a unit of Everyone's Internet, is one of the industry's largest dedicated server providers with more than 8,000 servers. "Our internal systems switched us initially to battery power and then to power off of our generators that are onsite," Marsh said in an announcement on the company's website, which included pictures of the fire and emergency response.

"These generators carried us through the crisis and continue to carry us now," said Marsh in a message posted Tuesday. "As a precaution only, we immediately dispatched two additional generators to serve as backup in case one of our generators failed."

The company's performance, coming just a week after a data center fire knocked NAC.net offline, was noted by industry observers.

"Amazingly, given the pictures of the fire, they seem to have prevented it from affecting their network performance which, at least for Rackshack's own site, is no different from any other day," noted Netcraft, which monitors uptime for Internet providers.

The Rackshack staff made the most of the time on site. "We performed some routine maintenance tonight, as several senior network engineers were present at the datacenter due to the power emergency," noted CTO Randy Williams in a post on the company's customer forum.

Posted by RichM at June 3, 2003 05:33 PM
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