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Meet Me Room (MMR)

With tens of thousands of cross-connections, the One Wilshire Meet Me Room (MMR) is perhaps the most inter-connected space in the entire world. One Wilshire’s extensive telecommunications tenant base provides an unparalleled opportunity for communications companies to interconnect and to gain direct access to major carriers and service providers. One Wilshire tenants have the option of bringing their own fiber into the building and/or connecting to the fiber services of other tenants. The building offers three diverse points of entry with plans in development to increase points of entry for further diversity.


Riser Shafts Eight separate conduit riser shafts from the P1 level with two new conduit riser shafts that will insure that diversity is maintained up to the Meet Me Room. 
Back up Generator  Currently two separate 2 Megawatt generators supply emergency backup power to the Meet Me Room, with an additional 2 Megawatt generator coming online Fall of 2002.
HVAC Six HVAC units supply necessary cooling and humidification to the Meet Me Room which insures redundancy.
Cabling Ladder rack and ADC Fiberguide insure that customers can quickly and reliably interconnect with each other.


Due to rapid expansion, high demand for space/connectivity and the growing needs of tenants and licensees, the One Wilshire team has completed a comprehensive Meet Me Room expansion and improvement plan. The three-phased program has alleviated congestion, enabled quick and easy cross connectivity throughout the Meet Me Room, and has provided an even wider range of services for our growing tenant base and create additional cages and cabinets.

Phase One

Phase One addressed the space limitation for cabling caused by users trying to access each other:

1. Cable Congestion – Cable congestion was alleviated by the installation of dedicated new ducts.

2. Carrier Grade Fiber System – One Wilshire installed a carrier grade fiber guide system which offers current and future fourth floor MMR licensees fully protected and diverse routing of fiber optic cables.

3. New Ladder Rack Ring – The new ladder rack ring for copper-based cables will tie together all current and future fourth floor MMR areas and allow tenants to easily install and remove copper-based cabling.

Phase Two

Phase Two yielded five (5) new cages by relocating air conditioning condenser units and establishes the Main Distribution Frame Room. Phase Two involves two stages:

1. Restructure HVAC System – The first of part of Phase Two will increase MMR efficiency by restructuring the HVAC system. Originally the HVAC condensers were placed inside the MMR resulting in recycled heat (generated by the condensers) seeping back into the room. By relocating two condensers and retrofitting the remaining evaporation units, we have created two immediate benefits: i) improved cooling inside the MMR and ii) increased space to accommodate five new cages.

2. Main Distribution Frame (MDF) Room – The creation of the MDF room now allows for easy cross connection among licensees and tenants both in the MMR and the rest of the One Wilshire building. The MDF acts as a catalyst for future growth inside all areas of One Wilshire by allowing tenants and licensees of all sizes to connect with each other.

Phase Three

Phase Three augmented One Wilshire’s MMR capabilities by expanding the remainder of the fourth floor usable area into MMR space. This MMR expansion created 26 new cages and 18 new cabinets while maintaining optimal cross connectivity for all MMR occupants. The new cages and cabinets will be nine feet high (compared to the current cage and cabinet height of seven feet) providing maximum space for tenants and differentiating the expansion space from current One Wilshire MMR spaces and competitive offerings.

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