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2004 Carrier Hotels
116 Village Blvd.
Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 587-3432
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The premier communications hub on the West Coast

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One Wilshire, a 30-story, 656,000 square foot building at the junction of S. Grand Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles, is located at the epicenter of a rich network of data switches, offering unparalleled connectivity among communication firms. Today, the One Wilshire Building has emerged as the premier communications hub of the Pacific Rim and is branded internationally within the telecommunications industry as the single most important point of connectivity in the Western United States.

One Wilshire is home to virtually all of the market leaders in the telecommunications industry. The property currently houses over 240 telecom service providers including: AT&T, Broadwing, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing, Level 3 Communications, Worldcom, PacBell, Qwest Communications, Sprint, Time Warner, Verizon and XO Communications.
Contact One Wilshire for a complete list of providers.

The One Wilshire Building has ensured proper adaptation of its original infrastructure to accommodate the specific needs of its telecommunications clientele. The building provides numerous options for standby power generation, rooftop space, and riser space for data, air conditioning and electrical needs. 

On-site amenities serving the property include a full-service cafeteria, a sundry store, a United States post office, retail banking, and a concierge service.


    Meet Me Room
  • Cabinets and Cages in the most densely populated Meet Me Room in the USA with over 200 carriers represented
  • Unparalleled interconnectivity - No Local Loop Charges (No charge cabling between Meet Me Room Tenants)
  • Expansion Complete with 28 Cages and 13 "Oversize" Cabinets of additional capacity. Custom cages available up to 5,000 sf.
  • Cable Management Enhancement - additional ladder rack and fiber tray installations supplementing extensive cable mining effort to ensure continued unfettered connectivity
  • New 56,000 port Central Fiber Distribution facility now available to facilitate cross connections and in-building transport
  • 25 New Carrier / Service providers taking occupancy in 1Q02
    MDF Service
  • MDF Service - optional connectivity allows connections to all participating tenants - connection can be ordered remotely with no contactor or carrier Operations involvement
  • Cross connects on MDF are provisioned within five (5) business days of request
  • Cross connects are available on a month to month basis
    Conditioned Space
  • Cages of various sizes and entire suites available for turnkey POP solutions
  • Suites/Cages include building provided fiber connectivity to MDF which allows "automatic" virtual presence in the Meet Me Room
  • Building provides generator protected power, DC with battery and/or AC with UPS, protected cooling systems, fire suppression, cage construction and security systems
  • Immediate occupancy - Carriers need only be concerned with equipment installation and network activation
  • Conduit connectivity to the Meet Me Room
  • Full rights of direct tenancy with Ownership (vs. colocation with carrier or "third party")
  • Tenants free to shop circuits/bandwidth pricing from all Carriers (vs. captive or limited option for bandwidth in carrier provided colocation)
    Standard Telecom Space
  • "Raw" Space and Semi-Conditioned Space
  • Building Provided Generators and Customer Supplied
  • Building Cooling and space for Chillers
  • Multiple building entrances and multiple fiber providers
  • Forthcoming combined data and office space suites from 1000 SF
  • Shell Space for custom-builds currently available
  • Expanded generator and cooling tower capacities
    Wireless Meet Me Room
  • Cabinets and Cages in close proximity to the roof
  • Roof space for Microwave, PCS and other antennas with line-of-site throughout Los Angeles
  • Conduit Connectivity to the Meet Me Room
  • MDF Service with virtual connectivity to the Meet Me Room and Conditioned Space Suites
  • DMS 250/300 International Gateway Switch


Structure: Steel frame with concrete slabs and concrete fireproofing.
Floor Loads: 70 pounds per square foot vertical load; 20 pounds per square foot seismic load.
Ceiling Heights: 15 Feet (floor to deck) 
Column Spacing: 29 Feet
Electrical Capacity: 25 watts per square foot with upgrades to 75 watts psf, 480V, 3 phase, 4 wire.
Primary Power: 

One Wilshire is engineered to provide all tenants with 100 watts per square foot. All power is delivered via diverse bus ducts to customer/collocation areas at 480 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire. Existing electrical service consists of three 3,750 kVA, 480V transformers and one 5,000 kVA, 4160V transformer. New infrastructure design which will provide an additional 3,750 kVA service (service #5) will be installed by mid-2002. See full specs for additional details.
Emergency Power:
Currently there are six 2,000KW generators and one 470KW generator supporting tenants' main electrical power in the event of service interruptions or low voltage conditions. Power is distributed via 480V, 3-phase, 4 wire bus duct (1 bus duct per generator). Additional generators 5 and 6, both 2,000KW will be added in mid-2002.
Fuel Storage:

One Wilshire has existing fuel storage and containment with associated pumping and filtering stations for approximately 21,000 gallons of diesel fuel. This will provide sufficient fuel storage capacity to operate all generators on a continuous basis for up to 24 hours without refueling. See full specs for more imformation.

Existing tenant cooling equipment is housed on the third floor roof where heat rejection for up to 75 watts per square foot is provided. A new closed loop cooling system has been installed on the 30th floor roof. The new system will consist of 1,200 tons of redundant cooling towers with piping to the upper floors.

Timothy Doherty, (213) 629-4831

2000 Carrier Hotels, Inc.
116 Village Boulevard, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone:(609) 243-7525