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Technical Specifications

The One Wilshire Building has ensured proper adaptation of its original infrastructure to accommodate the specific needs of its telecommunications clientele. The building provides numerous options for standby power generation, rooftop space, and riser space for data, air conditioning and electrical needs. 

On-site amenities serving the property include a full-service cafeteria, a sundry store, a United States post office, retail banking, and a concierge service.  

Structure: Steel frame with concrete slabs and concrete fireproofing.
Façade: Marble frame with aluminum window system and tinted windows.
Roof: Concrete deck with waterproof membrane and city approved roof plan accommodating extensive supply of tenant generators, dry coolers and antennae. Plans are in place to provide a raised roof platform for new tenant equipment. Roof has a clear line of sight in southern and western directions and clear line of sight to the major high-rises in downtown Los Angeles.
Floor Loads: 70 pounds per square foot vertical load; 20 pounds per square foot seismic load.
Ceiling Heights: 15 Feet (floor to deck) 
Column Spacing: 29 Feet
Electrical Capacity: 25 watts per square foot with upgrades to 75 watts psf, 480V, 3 phase, 4 wire.
Elevators: Two refurbished elevator groups: six low-rise elevators serve floors 1-19 and five high-rise elevators serve floors 20-30. Each group includes one freight elevator.
Fire Protection: State-of-the-art fire life safety system in place. Pre-action risers to the 30th floor. All tenant fire life safety systems are tied to the base building fire life safety system, which is supported by an automatic transfer switch to one of the building's standby power generators. All common areas are sprinklered.
Security: 24-hour attended lobby and security staff with integrated CCTV and card access systems, perimeter and sensitive areas monitored 24/7 from Security Station located on Ground Floor.
Risers: Fully master-planned riser system in development, providing diverse riser capacity for fiber/cable, HVAC coolant and water, electrical requirements, and fuel riser needs.
Parking: 492 covered parking spaces.
Delivery Area Loading: A loading area in the surface lot at the south side of the building is available to tenants for delivery of equipment. 
Operating Engineers: On-site operating engineers to support building systems and provide tenant service. 
Other Core Systems: Master planning is underway for construction of multiple 3-6 story mechanical platforms, each consisting of a 2,000 kw standby power generator, 1,500 tons of cooling capacity, and provision for up to 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel storage.
ADA: ADA-compliant building access is through the ramp adjacent to the loading area. Men's and Women's restrooms meeting ADA accessibility standards are located throughout the building.
Primary Power:  One Wilshire is engineered to provide all tenants with 25 to 75 watts per square foot of power at 480 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire. Existing electrical service consists of three 3,750 kVA, 480V transformers and one 5,000 kVA, 4160V transformer. New infrastructure design which will provide an additional 3,750 kVA service (service #5) will be installed by mid-2002. Services #6 and #7 are currently in planning stages. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) has the ability to serve the total planned requirements of the building. For all phases of power distribution, DWP is one of the most reliable sources of power in the United States. A program is currently underway which will yield substantial savings in electricity over the next 10 years.
Emergency Power:  Currently there are four 2,000KW generators and one 470KW generator supporting tenants' main electrical power in the event of service interruptions or low voltage conditions. Power is distributed via 480V, 3-phase, 4 wire bus duct (1 bus duct per generator). Additional generators 5 and 6, both 2,000KW will be added in mid-2002, with generators 7 and 8 in planning stages.
Fuel Storage: One Wilshire has existing fuel storage and containment with associated pumping and filtering stations for approximately 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel. This will provide sufficient fuel storage capacity to operate all generators on a continuous basis for up to 24 hours without refueling. By mid-2002 One Wilshire will have an additional 8,000 gallons of capacity. Additional planned underground storage tanks for 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel will increase standby time to 48 hours at a full load.
Cooling: Existing tenant cooling equipment is housed on the third floor roof where heat rejection for up to 75 watts per square foot is provided. A new closed loop cooling system will be installed on the 30th floor roof. The new system will consist of 1,200 tons of redundant cooling towers with piping to the upper floors.
Riser Space: One Wilshire's master-planned riser system accommodates diverse routing for all service risers, from the roof and basement to each floor, required for the proper distribution and use of normal electrical power, emergency generator power, HVAC piping and fuel.

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