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Carrier Center Los Angeles, 600 West Seventh Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Technical Specs | Location | Contact Info


Carrier Center Los Angeles is one of Southern California's premier data hotels boasting superior infrastructure, connectivity and location. This superior infrastructure includes a full parking facility, roof top space, two fully redundant risers available for conduit to the grounding facilities in the basement and interconnection with other tenants.

CCLA is a fully secure facility with three effective levels of perimeter control. The first, 24-hour on-site security staff; the second, closed circuit television monitoring of the entire premises, and the third, is cardkey access to all doors and cages.

The NAC (Network Access Center) has space available to cross-connect with carriers free of charge in the building such as MCI Worldcom, AT&T, Qwest, ICG, and XO Communications.

Highlights of Carrier Center Los Angeles

  • Collocation friendly
  • Consistent
  • Pro business
  • Price competitive

Superior Infrastructure

  • Indoor generator farm with 17-1500kw generators and remote radiator farm.
  • 80,000 gallons of generator diesel fuel.
  • 48 hours of emergency water backup.
  • Bus Ducts installed for maximum electric distribution load of 50,000 amps of electricity on diversified routes.
  • The largest private electrical service vault in Southern California
  • Thorough seismic retrofit including complete shear walls.
  • Central bus duct provides 100 amps, at 480v-3 phase, for every 1,000 rentable square foot.
  • Central Generator Farm designed with N+1 reliability, power brought to every floor via bus ducts.
  • Easy and direct connectivity with all tenants in building through pre-installed riser systems.
  • Seismically retrofitted to stringent telecom standards.

Superior Connectivity

NAC offers abundant cross-connecting alternatives with a wide and growing selection of network providers. The NACís concentration of latest generation network providers is helping secure the Carrier Centerís position as the preeminent Data Hotel in Southern California. The NAC is fed by numerous diversely routed conduit banks which also inter-connect all seven floors of the facility. Customersí options include standard 40 square foot electronically secured cages, oversized cages (80 to 200 square feet), and/or cabinets.

NAC Tenants Include:

  • ICG Telecom Group, Inc.
  • 360 Networks, Inc.
  • Southern California Edison
  • Fibernet Equal Access LLC
  • Level 3 Communications LLC
  • Looking Glass Networks, Inc.
  • MFS Worldcom (Metropolitan Fiber Systems)
  • Southern California Edison Company
  • AT&T / TCG Los Angeles
  • T-Systems
  • Verizon

Superior Location

CCLA is central to all the local carrier hotels in downtown Los Angeles, including:

  • Telecom Center Ė 530 W. Sixth Street
  • 818 W. Seventh Street
  • 801 S. Hope Street.

The facility is strategically located Ĺ block from One Wilshire and has direct ability to cross-connect with a vast array of carriers and remotely-located customers via the NAC.

Contact Info

D'Arcy McGee
JMA Properties, Inc.
JMA Wired, LLC
530 W. Sixth Street
Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90014
E-mail: info@jmawired.com
Web site: www.jmawired.com

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