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Sorting out the many colocation options available in today's market can be confusing and time consuming. With NodeCom Colocation Services, we make it easy for you. Just tell us what you need, and we'll do the work for you, searching our database of the best facilities in more than 30 markets to find the right site for your equipment.

Through our years of experience in the colocation business, we've built relationships with providers who can deliver the service and reliability you require. This expertise is free to you, as our fees are paid by colocation providers. At all times, our firm commitment is to placing clients in long-term relationships with stable, quality service providers.

Submit your requirements, and we'll provide a list of suitable provider candidates. If we don't have a city listed, just ask, and we'll attempt to locate suitable space in that market - Providers can submit available space, and then be notified when there's a potential match with a prospective tenant.

NodeCom's Colocation Guide web site helps its provider partners unleash the marketing power of the Internet, benefitting from the audience attracted by the user-friendly content and news articles.

For more information, contact NodeCom.

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TAMPA, FL 33602

Located in the heart of downtown Tampa, the Franklin Exchange Building is a landmark on the Tampa Skyline.

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